Group Lesson

Group lessons can be organised for 2 or more players. These lessons can give a cost effective alternative to individual lessons, but obviously the amount of learning that takes place is in proportion to the number of players.

Group lessons are less heavily involved with technique and focus mainly on tactics, physical conditioning and improving matchplay.

Group lessons currently take place in Recrean, and can be organised by any interested players or groups.

Individual Lesson

Individual lessons are the obvious choice for any player serious about improving their technique and general play.

The individual lesson focuses on improving weak areas of hitting and movement techniques.

Lessons can be taken on a week to week basis, groups of 5 or 10 (at a discounted rate), and yearly plans can also be provided, periodising the players development over a season or part of a season.


The costs for coaching vary according to the type of lesson and number of players attending the lesson and are available by contacting Mark.

Contact Mark for further inquiries or to plan a lesson.