BRITISH JUNIOR OPEN 2014 – DAY 2 – 1st Round

Posted on January 10, 2014

1st Round Matches

IMG_22742/1 – 10u30

The first day had arrived. All went according to plan…finding the club (Abbeydale) for Dries’ 1st match and getting some practice court time. Dries was of course very nervous. He had to play a young English player named Sam Osborne-Wylde. His fears were allayed when he saw his opponent…1st mistake. At first site, young Sam seemed small and diminutive, but the boy could play squash. After losing the 1st 3-11, Dries’ dreams of winning dropped from 70% to 30% (his words)…2nd mistake. Dries never really got going, succumbing to nerves and expectation, losing 3-11, 8-11, 6-11.


2/1 15u00

Kevin’s 1st match v Tom Walsh (ENG) was a very good experience. His opponent was much stronger technically and had control of the rallies the majority of the time. Kevin played with aplomb and was moving freely and hitting the ball well. He showed that he has the mental skills to play on this level. He tried his utmost to get ino the rallies, but succeeded only a handful of time sin each game. Final score was 3-11, 3-11, 2-11.



2/1 20u00


Thursday night we returned to the hotel and went in search of some different food….Wagamama’s!!!



DAY 2 of the British Junior Open 2014 Trip to follow…

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