Posted on January 9, 2014


WEDNESDAY – Happy New Year!

IMG_22661/1 – 0600

IMG_2268Early start this morning after a late NYE night (well, for Fabrice anyway  – 1 hours sleep!). We departed Recrean parking as we do for all junior tournaments, but this time it is not just the standard car trip! After a 2 hour car trip, we arrived in Calais and were waiting in line for the ferry to Dover. We unanimously decided a power nap was needed. We boarded the ferry, parked the car and then prepared for the crossing of the English Channel.

 1/1 – 1600

After a very tiring drive from Dover to Sheffield, we arrived at our hotel. It rained non-stop and the boys slept almost non-stop! The hotel was a little tricky to find, but in the end we found a good parking spot and settled into our home for the next 5 days.

1/1 – 2000

The rooms were found to be comfortable and more than acceptable. After settling in, the group set out in to the centre of Sheffield on foot to find some food. We ended up with an Italian pasta meal. Back to the hotel by foot and the night ended with a preparation meeting. Such topics as packing the bags, what is expected at the venue and how they should behave. Lastly, some visualisation for good measure and lights out by 2130!

DAY 2 of the British Junior Open 2014 Trip to follow…

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