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Posted on March 24, 2013

376205_399047686811551_2111576180_nThis is the 1st year the KIG Casteleyn Squash Open has been organised. This following Casteleyn Squash’s successful recent opening and strong form in the Ere Divisie Men’s & Women’s competition in it’s 1st season.

The finals are due to be played today with 17x National Men’s Champion, Stefan Casteleyn¬†going up against Rick Penders from The Netherlands in the Men’s Final and 13x National Women’s Champion, Kim Hannes taking on Loreline Pira from Belgium in the Women’s final.


Evy Burke-Bosschem (Left)


Lowie Delbeke


Valerie Vandenhoeke (Left)






Burkesquash players Lowie Delbeke, Arnaud Dedecker, Valerie Vandenhoeke, Evy Burke-Bosschem & Lynn Callens have all taken part in the tournament, with below the best results (follow the links below to see the results):

Well done to all Burkesquash players!!!

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