Jan Van den Herrewegen challenges Stefan Casteleyn…

Posted on March 8, 2013

Tonight, at the Piramid Open, in the  Piramid Squashclub (Brugge), Jan VDHW threw out the challenge to Stefan Casteleyn in a convincing manner.

Jan was equal to the task tonight and shrugged off his disappointment from the Belgian Championships 2 weeks ago, in which he narrowly lost the semi-final to Tom De Mulder. Read about that match here. 

Stefan, the recently crowned Belgian Champion (17 times) and former World#7 hasn’t been challenged in recent months, having not dropped a set in Belgium. (Nieuwsblad article from Belgian Championship 2013).

Jan lost 3-1 in the 1/4 final encounter, the match lasting 55 minutes (3-11, 11-7, 7-11, 4-11). He had earlier in the evening despatched Jonas Snoeck in the 1st Round, also 3-1.


Evy Burke-Bosschem

The tournament continues until Saturday, where other Burkesquash & Recrean Squash Club players are in action, notably Evy Burke-Bosschem, Lynn Callens & Pommelien Vandenbroecke.

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