Finals Day at the 2013 Belgian National Championships

Posted on February 24, 2013

The final day of the 2013 Belgian National Championships (link) has arrived.

Yesterday the 1/4 finals and Semi finals provided some good matches for Burkesquash players, but also some heartache. IMG_1405In the Mens A event Kristof VDH went up against Stefan Casteleyn (16x Champion & former World #7) in the 1/4 final, but the match was stopped temporarily due to an eye injury to Kristof, that was later glued together at the local hospital. Kristof soldiered on after some ‘doctoring’ from his coach Mark Burke. He succumbed 3-0 to Casteleyn though, who showed little remorse!

IMG_0013Jan VDHW played Alexandre Benassi in the 1/4 final and had little problem winning 3-0. It was a return to form for Jan, who has been trying to recapture his level since stopping for the ‘block’ period at university. In the evening though, another story unfolded in his semi final with Tom Demulder from Casteleyn Squash. Jan has a long history with Tom, having lost more times than won, but has been the victor on a few key occasions, namely the Semi-Final 2 years ago in the Belgian Championships and in the 1/4 Final of the European Junior Championships in 2012, in Portugal.

The match was ugly….there is no other word for it unfortunately. The level of squash was impressive at times, the 1st game a thriller, which Jan won 15-13, in 25 mins. As the game progressed however Tom showed that in order to win, he would employ any tactic necessary. Jan got to 2-1 up and 7-4 in the 4th, a strong position, but he was fighting a constant battle to use his mental triggers to overcome the frustration of being pushed, blocked and just bullied into submission. The match was 3-2 for Tom. Jan goes up against Gregory Lecerf from Castle Club in Wezembeek-Oppem in the 3/4 Bronze medal playoff match at 13u30.

IMG_0015In the ladies divisions there was some joy for Burkesquash. Valerie VDH was victorious against Toke Verwilt from Squashpoint (Geel) 3-1. Valerie played a good level, and looked determined throughout. Toke was defiant in defeat and pushed and fought to the bitter end. A promising attitude for a junior.

IMG_0016Lastly, Evy Burke-Bosschem clinched the Silver medal in the Ladies C event, defeating Sofie Provoost from Piramid Squash (Brugge) 3-1. Congratulations to my wife!

All the results can be followed at this link to

What Others Are Saying

  1. Caroline February 25, 2013 at 11:47 am

    Allemaal een dikke proficiat!
    Amai, Mark, zwaar week-end geweest voor jou: coach, ondersteunende echtgenoot én verpleegster!

    • Burkesquash February 25, 2013 at 12:10 pm

      Hehe, yeah Caroline, it was a hard weekend, but a successful one! Cheers for the comments on my blog!

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