Belgisch Kampioenschappen Senioren 2013

Posted on February 22, 2013

Tonight begins the highlight of the Belgian Squash calendar, the Belgian National Championships. This tournament is played in categories, A being the Open Men and Women and then B, C, D & NC (non-classified).

For the favourite of the Men’s event, look no further than Stefan Casteleyn (former World #7 and 16x Belgian Champion). He missed last years event due to a knee operation, but seemed to be in devastating form at The Move Open a few weeks ago when he crushed all in his path, including Tom De Mulder in 25mins in the final.

Burkesquash fans will be hoping that Jan Van Den Herrewegen (Runner-Up in 2012) will be able to pull something out and produce his best squash for the event. Also that the other Burkesquash players Lowie Delbeke (Vision 21, Roeselare) and Kristof Van der Heggen can produce some form and make it at least to the 1/4 finals.

The Women’s event is this year without Kim Hannes, 12x National Champion, who retired after she beat Nele Gilis in the 2012 event. Nele will have to compete with her fast improving sister, Tinne who is only 15 years old. Other competition will come from Recrean’s own Yara Delagrange, seeded (controversially) number 4 for the event.

A special mention of Valerie Vandenhoeke, who will be favourite to take out the Women’s B event…good luck Valerie!

The event takes place in Bergen (Mons) and the link will take you to the website where you can best see the categories and follow the results.

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